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 ====== Publications ====== ====== Publications ======
-  * M. Baroni and Bernardini, Silvia (eds.) 2006. //Wacky! Working papers on the Web as Corpus//, BolognaGEDIT ([[|Webpage]])+  * M. Baroni, S. Bernardini, AFerraresi and E. Zanchetta. 2009. The WaCky Wide Web: A Collection of Very Large Linguistically Processed Web-Crawled Corpora. //Language Resources and Evaluation// 43(3)209-226 ({{:papers:wacky_2008.pdf|PDF}}).
-  * A. Ferraresi, //Building a very large corpus of English obtained by Web crawling: ukWaC//Master Thesis, University of Bologna ({{a_ferraresi_thesis.pdf|PDF}})+  * M. Baroni and S. Bernardini (eds.). 2006. //Wacky! Working papers on the Web as Corpus//. Bologna: GEDIT. ([[|Webpage]]) 
 +  * G. Faaß, U. Heid, and H. Schmid. 2010. //Design and application of a Gold Standard for morphological analysis: SMOR in validation//. In Proceedings of the seventh LREC conference , pages 803 – 810, Valetta, Malta, May 19 – 21 2010. European Language Resources Association (ELRA) ([[|PDF]]). 
 +  * G. Faaß and K. Eckart. 2013. SdeWaC - Corpus of Parsable Sentences from the WebProceedings of the International Conference of the German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology (GSCL) 2013. September 25-272013. Darmstadt, Germany. 
 +  * A. Ferraresi. 2007. //Building a very large corpus of English obtained by Web crawling: ukWaC//Master Thesis, University of Bologna ({{a_ferraresi_thesis.pdf|PDF}}
 +  * A. Ferraresi, S. Bernardini, G. Picci and M. Baroni (2010) “Web Corpora for Bilingual Lexicography: A Pilot Study of English/French Collocation Extraction and Translation”. In Xiao, R. (ed.) //Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies//. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ({{:ferraresi_et_al_2010.pdf|Pre-print version}}) 
 +  * A. Ferraresi, E. Zanchetta, M. Baroni and S. Bernardini. 2008. Introducing and evaluating ukWaC, a very large web-derived corpus of English. In S. Evert, A. Kilgarriff and S. Sharoff (eds.) //Proceedings of the 4th Web as Corpus Workshop (WAC-4) -- Can we beat Google?//, Marrakech, 1 June 2008. ({{papers:wac4_2008.pdf|PDF}}) ([[|Webpage]])
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